Boys’ names set to disappear

If you want a name that won’t be common in the playground but isn’t too out there, take a look at this list of boys’ names facing extinction over the next year

Boys’ names to save from extinction

Our pick of boys’ names that are falling from favour but could be worth reviving

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Our pick of boys’ names that are falling from favour but could be worth reviving in 2022.

After pouring over the most popular names of this year, we’ve also taken a look at the boys’ names set to disappear altogether and ask could it be time for a revival?

Some might say that these names have had their heyday, some might be surprised to hear that these are becoming extinct, others may feel that these once popular names may feel odd for a baby today, yet perhaps you have a heartfelt family connection to one of these names - or if you’re  looking for an unusual name that could befit your baby boy you may want to save it from extinction!

Once traditional popular names are falling from favour this year including Daniel (down 18 places), Albert is down 15 places. Once popular classic names James and Edward are also on the decline down 11 and 9 places respectively.

It’s not only classic names on the decline, once trending names Jaxon, Jenson and Carter are also falling in popularity down 13, 12 and 8 places respectively.

Biggest fallers:

  1. Frankie -23
  2. Daniel -18
  3. Toby -18
  4. Albert -15
  5. Jaxon -13
  6. Jenson -12
  7. James -11
  8. Edward -9
  9. William -9 
  10. Carter -8
  11. Adam -7
  12. Riley -5
  13. Dylan -5
  14. Harrison -5
  15. Joshua -5
  16. Oscar -4
  17. Felix -4
  18. Bobby -3
  19. Isaac -3
  20. Tommy -3
  21. Thomas -3

Other names to resurrect 

Here are our top 20 names that you could consider reviving as they give you the option of an uncommon name that is unlikely to be heard in today’s school playgrounds. 

  1. Arwyn
  2. Vince
  3. Perry
  4. Mitch
  5. Saul
  6. Floyd
  7. Brynley
  8. Brett
  9. Todd
  10. Rhett
  11. Emlyn
  12. Leroy
  13. Jonty
  14. Jerome
  15. Ambrose
  16. Milton
  17. Sherlock
  18. Karl
  19. Errol
  20. Giles

Names to save from extinction

  1. Gordon
  2. Kenneth
  3. Bernard
  4. Larry
  5. Howard
  6. Donny
  7. Gary
  8. Terry
  9. Gareth
  10. Cyril
  11. Duane
  12. Craig
  13. Trevor
  14. Daryl
  15. Grant
  16. Jeff
  17. Cecil
  18. Brendon
  19. Colin
  20. Dane

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Boys’ names set to disappear