Strollers and buggies

Strollers and Buggies

A lightweight, great value buggy is a great value option for any family. Here’s how to choose a buggy.

What are strollers and buggies?

The most lightweight options for transporting your baby, straightforward buggies make light work of travelling with your little one.

The winning features for buggies and strollers are cost, weight and folding ability. For these reasons most families will have at least one at some point on their family journey.

Even within such a simple type of product, there are a range of options to choose from. More expensive options include adjustable handles or rain hoods. Cheaper versions often don’t come with any extra features.

Folding – Sometimes referred to as parasol or umbrella strollers for their portability, they tend to fold up very small. This makes them perfect where space is limited, on public transport, or for storage in shared entrance halls for example.

Wheels – Most have small swivel front wheels, which make manoeuvring in shops or on transport super-easy. They might not be lockable, which can make off-road travel trickier.

Cost – The low-cost options are great to chuck in the car boot for holidays, or not worry about losing/breaking on a plane journey. It also means you can buy one to leave at friends or relatives if you visit frequently – or a spare if everyone comes to you.

How much do strollers and buggies cost?

As with all products, there are the more expensive options, with more padding, or lie-flat infant options and with extendable leg rests. There are also cheap supermarket versions with no frills that get the job done. You can pick up a non-brand basic buggy in a supermarket for around £20. At the other end of the scale, a top-brand lightweight compact fold, suitable from birth, could be up to £300.

Top tips for buying strollers and buggies

Not all buggies are suitable for newborns, as they need to lie flat, or be clipped into their infant carrier car seat until they can sit unaided. Check the reclining option if you want to use it for a newborn.

If you like buggy storage you’ll find it very limited on most basic models. You’ll need to carry your own bags!

Accessories: You can buy universal rain covers or sun covers and parasols at a fraction of the cost of own-brand.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular buggies and strollers below.


Joie Brisk LX Stroller

RRP: £150 - Buy now

A 3D lightweight umbrella stroller with a one-hand, single action flash fold, also features a multi-reclining seat, including lie-flat for newborns.

  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat.
  • Lightweight 3D umbrella fold chassis.
  • 5 position mechanical recline, 2 position adjustable leg rest.
  • Compatible with Joie group 0+ car seats.
  • Ergonomic foam handles.
  • Adjustable, removable hood with visor and window.

Age: Suitable from birth (0+months) up to 15kg
Weight: 9.11kg
L89 x W51.3 x H101cm

Why we love the Brisk LX Stroller ....

  • This pushchair simply oozes practicality for mum as it is easy to open and fold and adjust as necessary.
  • We adore the chic design of this pushchair.
  • Everything about this buggy feel lightweight in design with its lightweight 3D umbrella fold chassis.
  • The 5-position mechanical recline is great for helping your baby get in a position that is comfortable for him.
  • Loving the recline flat option suitable for newborns.
  • This is a good value stroller that can last you from newborn right through to when your toddler doesn’t use a buggy anymore.
  • For added comfort, the leg rest has two positions and the hood with visor and window is adjustable and removable, whatever your baby wants.

Joie Brisk Stroller

RRP: £100 - Buy now

The Joie Brisk stroller is crammed with innovative, hi-tech features to take strolling to the next level! It is  Joie travel-system compatible, yet still a light-weight, compact buggy for zipping round town or country!

  • One-handed, single-touch fold mechanism
  • Multi-position reclining seat and two-position leg-rest
  • 5-point 'SoftTouch' height adjustable harness

Age: birth to toddler (15kg)
Weight 8.22 kg
L94cm x W50cm x H103cm
Folded: L113cm x W27.9cm x H33cm

Why we love the Joie Brisk Stroller...

  • Its innovative 'Swift Single Action, one-hand 3D fold' makes folding and unfolding a cinch
  • The huge under-seat storage basket is perfect not only for shopping but all the extra gubbins needed for a day out
  • The special 'ShoeSaver' brake is just genius - no more scuffed shoes!
  • We love the amazing colour range and funky seat patterns, too!

Silver Cross Pop Stroller

RRP: £175 - Buy now

The Silver Cross Pop stroller is a lightweight, compact buggy that you can get your little one out and about in from birth through to pre-school! Its clean lines, sleek build and fab fabric options make it look pretty swish, too.

  • Can be used from birth to 25kg (3 stone)
  • Has fully-reclining, lie back seat for newborns and nappers
  • Ultra-compact folding mechanism and carry handle for easy transporting
  • Comes with a rain cover and shopping basket
  • Has a ventilated and fully-extendible hood for sunny/wet days

Age: Birth to toddler
Weight: 8.5kg
D80cm x W49cm x H107cm
Folded: D27cm x W28 x H105cm

Why we love the Silver Cross Pop Stroller ....

  • Made with your  growing baby in mind, it really is the one-stop birth to pre-school stroller
  • Easy to fold and store, throw in the car or carry on public transport or for granny or childminder to keep at theirs
  • Made from low maintenance, sponge-clean polyester in a variety of lovely colour/print options – we really love the bear and butterfly versions!

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