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Cots & Cot beds

Larger bedtime options for sleeping babes

What are cots and cot beds?

We all know and love a traditional cot, and fast growing in popularity is a new nursery rival - the cot bed!
Cotbeds are big cots that turn into toddler beds. You just whip off the removable sides and end panel, and you’ve got a cosy, little bed for a toddler that’s low to the ground. 

Which one is right for you?

Loving the cot bed:

Cot beds cost more, but they last longer. Most are plenty big enough until your toddler is around five, and can then be used as a cute little sofa that lasts their entire childhood.

Loving the cot:

Cots are smaller than cot beds, so they fit more easily into your bedroom or a small nursery. Also remember, you’ll have to buy a single bed for your fast-growing toddler at some point, so you could move your baby straight from a cot to a single.

Some parents feel a big cot bed leaves their newborn looking a bit lost!

You’ll need to invest in a special mattress and bedding because they’re bigger than a cot, but smaller than a single bed.

But at the end of the day, they’re both great products, so whichever you go for, think about these features:

  • range of heights for mattress – two or three levels is ideal
  • protective teething rails – for babies who love to chew!
  • drop rails – to ease the strain on your back
  • storage – every little bit helps!
  • lockable wheels – can come in handy!

How much do cots and cot beds cost?

Cots start at around £50, and cot beds start around £70.

Top tips for buying cots and cot beds

When you’ve chosen a cot or cot bed, you also need to buy a mattress. Ideally, you should buy a new mattress for each new baby, but whether it’s second hand or new, make sure the mattress you choose is clean, dry, flat, firm and well-fitting.

Avoid duvets, quilts, pillows, electric blankets or hot water bottles with tiny babies. And never put your baby to sleep on a cushion, bean bag, pillow or waterbed.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular cots and cot beds below.

Boori Sleigh Cotbed

RRP: £599 - Buy now

Beautifully designed sleigh-style cot bed in solid wood

  • Converts to a toddler bed and then a sofa for older children
  • Two base heights for easy parental access to baby
  • Wipe clean solid wood finish 
  • Includes a toddler guard panel to use with toddler bed
  • Tested to meet Greenguard Gold accreditation for optimum indoor air quality

Age: from birth to around 5 years
Dimensions: H98cm x W80cm x L157cm

Why we love the Boori Sleigh Cotbed ....

  • A cot that truly grows with baby to become a toddler bed and then a sofa
  • Contemporary design with solid construction
  • Straight-froward flat pack home assembly
  • Available in white and dark wood finish to complement any style of nursery

Silver Cross Nostalgia cot bed

RRP: £400 - Buy now

A traditionally styled wooden cot bed from a heritage brand

  • Easily converts from cot to toddler bed for older children
  • Three base positions allow the cot to grow with baby
  • The base has a useful full-length pull out drawer with pewter-effect handles
  • Baby-safe teething rails
  • Takes a 1400x700 mattress

Age: from birth to around 4 years
Dimensions: H95cm x W78cm x L148cm

Why our mums love the Silver Cross Nostalgia cot bed ....

  • It's has traditional styling and is a very generous size
  • The under-cot drawer is fab for spare linen for middle-of-night bed changes
  • It's sturdy and strong and exudes quality
  • Comes from a tried-and-trusted British brand
  • There are other matching pieces of nursery furniture in the Nostalgia range

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