Maternity bras & underwear

To help support and keep you comfortable during your pregnancy and after birth

What are maternity bras & underwear?

Maternity bras & underwear are specifically designed for pregnant women and offer the extra support you need during this time.

Maternity bras - Much of your body changes during pregnancy, your breasts will become bigger and will feel incredibly sensitive. Also your rib cage can expand; all meaning you will need a bigger bra than you usually wear. It’s possible that your bra size could increase by at least one, in your nine months of pregnancy.

With the extra size and extra sensitivity, you need to be comfortable so maternity bras are a good option as they allow you to alter the size as you need it.

A maternity bra is basically a regular bra with a few added extras for pregnant women. They include wider straps, cotton lining and extra hooks and eyes for added support.

Maternity underwear – The key to maternity underwear is stretchy! This is great for your growing bump. Some come low cut designed for under your bump whilst others cover your bump, particularly if you are suffering with your back, the extra support can help.

How much do maternity bras & underwear cost?

Maternity bras range in price from your basic line costing around £5-6 to higher end brands that can cost over £50.

It’s similar with maternity underwear, basic brands can cost as little as a couple of pounds, to specialist brands priced at over £20.

Top tips

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is changes in your breasts, and whether you want them to or not, they will get bigger. Investing in a secure, comfortable maternity bra early on can help you feel more comfortable and it should grow with your growing breasts.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the Maternity Bras and Underwear available below.

Bravado – Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado – Seamless Nursing Bra

RRP: £30 - Buy now

  • Seamless bra that moulds your body for a seam free look.
  • The bra comes with foam cups that are removable so you can choose to have padding or not when nursing.
  • The bra is available in four colours, ivory, black, latte (a light pink) and silver belle (a dark grey).
  • Not the cheapest bra around, but one that will last you through pregnancy and nursing.

Why we love the Seamless Nursing Bra....

  • We love the seamless look of this bra, you can wear any top.
  • This bra offers much comfort.
  • There are a variety of colours to choose from to give you a bra to go under any outfit.
  • The removable cups is probably our favourite bit as you have the option to use them when you need them, but remove them when you don’t, making this a versatile bra for your pregnancy and nursing stage.
  • Loving the soft edging that really helps to avoid chaffing.

Emma Jane – Seamfree Overbump Brief

Emma Jane – Seamfree Overbump Brief

RRP: £9 - Buy now

  • Briefs designed to sit comfortably over your growing bump in pregnancy.
  • The briefs are seam-free and made in a microfibre material to create a soft finish.
  • Made with 10% spandex, these briefs are designed to stretch to fit your growing bump.
  • Available in black or white, these briefs are a staple for your maternity underwear wardrobe.

  • Why we love the Seamfree Overbump Brief....
  • We love the silky soft feel of these extra comfortable briefs.
  • The soft, breathable material is also seamless meaning you can wear them under any trousers or skirts without having a panty line.
  • As these briefs are over bump, it gives you that extra support for your long suffering back in pregnancy.
  • The sensual feel of these briefs is possibly our favourite bit as they’re silky soft to touch and feel great against your skin.

Blooming Marvellous – Maternity Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra – 2 pack

Blooming Marvellous – Maternity Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra – 2 pack

RRP: £22 - Buy now

  • Designed for comfort and support during the night while you’re pregnant and have just had a baby.
  • The bra has a wrap front, making nursing during the night easier.
  • The stretchy and soft breathable cotton makes it a comfy bra for night-time.
  • The bras come in a variety of sizes for all cup sizes.
  • These bras are available in a two pack, one black and one white (with tiny polka dots).

  • Why we love the Maternity Wrap Nursing Sleep Bra ....
  • We love the that these bras are wire and seam free for comfort overnight, and made with breathable cotton and stretchy material, these bras are really comfortable to wear for the whole night.
  • We adore the cute design on the white polka dots bra.
  • The fact that the bra has a wrap front is great for easy breastfeeding during the night.
  • Reasonably priced for a two pack, these bras are a great investment for late pregnancy and breastfeeding, when you need that support all through the night.

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