Carseats Group 2-3

Group 2-3 Car Seat

These car seats are for children from approximately 3 ½ years to 12 years (15kg to 36kg).

What is a group 2-3 car seat?

Group 2-3 car seats are designed for children aged roughly 3 ½ to 12 years (15kg to 36kg).

These seats are ideal for older children until they can safely use an adult seat belt, and they’re certainly popular. But your children still need maximum protection for every single car journey, and there are two big benefits of a high-backed car seat as opposed to a booster seat that is now not recommended for children. First, the seat belt be held in the correct position across your child’s body. And second, they will also be better protected from a side impact.

Which group 2-3 car seat is right for you?

A whole host of factors might influence your decision – comfy padding, adjustable parts, handy drinks containers and removable covers.

How much will a group 2-3 car seat cost?

Prices start around £40 and go into the hundreds.

Top tips for buying a group 2-3 car seat

Because children grow at different rates, your child’s weight is much more important than their age, so bear that in mind when deciding when’s best to move them to the next stage.

When forward facing, do not use on a front passenger seat unless your vehicle manufacturer declares it safe to do so in your vehicle handbook. Always check the vehicle handbook for correct vehicle seat positioning.

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