9 Top tips for your new mum wardrobe

The wardrobe tips that help new mums feel like themselves

How to celebrate your new mum wardrobe

New mums: The wardrobe tips to taking it easy on yourself

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There’s no doubt that becoming a mum changes your body shape, yet save yourself from stressing and unnecessary pressure and re-look at your wardrobe to simply adapt your outfit choices to reflect your current shape.

Here are some simple wardrobe tips to help you focus on the new little person to take care of and ease any uncalled for pressure on how your wardrobe will fare:

1. Don’t be too quick to ditch the maternity clothes
You might feel comfortable wearing some of your maternity clothes for a few weeks or a couple of months after giving birth – be kind to yourself and let those elasticated waists will be your friend for a little while longer.

2. Don't hide in your clothes

Choosing big, baggy clothes can be unflattering. Celebrate your post baby curves don’t hide them – your body just did something amazing!

3. Don’t rush or put pressure on yourself to be back in all your pre-baby clothes
Keep them safe and don’t try them on too often ‘just to see’. It took 9 months to grow the baby, your whole body has gone through some massive changes so be kind on yourself.

4. Make sure you wear a properly fitting bra 
Your boobs might feel like they can’t decide on a cup size these past few months, but get yourself measured again, get comfy and enjoy your post-baby bust.

5. If you like to layer clothes avoid bulk
Go for a long, lean and clean look. Try wearing the same colour or similar shades top to toe and avoid cutting yourself in half with horizontal lines.

6. Break up your look with different textures 

It’s surprisingly more interesting to mix up similar coloured textures than to mix up colours.

7. Avoid being a slave to trainers 

Nowadays there are plenty of other flat pumps and wedges that finish an outfit without compromising comfort.

8. Dress up with leggings
If you like wearing leggings, try to wear longer tops experiment with loose, flowing dresses over them – an easy, comfortable, flattering and often very stylish look to wear.

9. Add just one accessory 
Whether it’s a belt, necklace, bold earrings, a colourful scarf or a crossbody bag, that one focal point can make you feel more fabulous.

9 Top tips for your new mum wardrobe