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Our friendly and talented photographers visit maternity wards daily, and can offer to capture up to 10 professional and varied photos of your precious new arrival. And the best part – the service is totally free! But don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our customers have said.

"The Bounty photographer was excellent; myself, my husband and my baby daughter were treated with a high standard of professionalism and respect. The standard of photos was incredible. The photographer ensured we were completely happy with the photos and we were involved in the whole process. An excellent way to capture your newborn’s first photos in the comfort of your hospital bed."
Samantha Fisher, Norfolk

"Very happy with the service I received, my daughter was unsettled when my photographer came, she agreed to come back to me within 20 minutes to see if I could settle her. I had to ask the photographer to come back twice and not once did she grumble.  Very friendly and very patient with my daughter :)"
Chantelle Gumm, Wiltshire

"The Bounty girls were fantastic. The photos they took were great quality and they managed to hide our little boy’s cannula he has in his hand. We ended up in hospital for five days and the girls popped in to say hello every day and see how our son was doing. At no point did we feel they were pushing for a sale or only interested in getting us to buy anything. The service was great and we received our order within a few days."
Fiona Soon, Ayrshire 

"The Bounty representative was very patient and understanding. She came back to visit us on 5 occasions within a couple of hours to get the photos, as baby needed feeding or was upset and not cooperating. She was lovely. Thank you."
Kyley Aikenhead, Kent

"Our photographer was very friendly and informative. When she initially arrived at my bed my baby was feeding, she said she would return shortly, in no way did I feel pressured to finish feeding. Time was spent positioning and photographing our baby to get the best images. Both my husband and I were impressed with the Bounty Portrait experience."
Anna Boulton, South Yorkshire

"Sharon (Torbay hospital) is a credit to Bounty, she found time to allow me to go back to the hospital and have the photos taken. I am over the moon with the quality of the pictures!"
Hannah Preston, Devon

"Love this service had photos done of my first child and was so excited to have them done of my second. Was so happy that they could have one done together of both my boys absolutely love the final product."
Vicky Hutchison, Birmingham

"Our photographer was called Dawn. She was lovely so polite we were at Russell's Hall hospital in Dudley. I was 100% happy with my photos they're beautiful and just the right amount to send all family members one in the package I had! Highly satisfied I still look at them every day thinking how brill they are!"
Jessica Rudd, West Midlands

"Thank you for offering the service! It allowed me to have portrait photos of my baby on his first day in this world. I wouldn't have been able to have professional photos taken of him that young any other way."
Koral Britton, Suffolk

"The Bounty experience was made extra special because the photographer was wonderful! She had all the time in the world for us, made sure we were happy, didn't push the sale, was exceptionally friendly and bubbly, and she even went the extra mile to ensure we got a good deal on a canvas to accompany our bumper pack we purchased. She really deserves a plaudit!"
Lauren Hadwick, West Sussex

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