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Carseats Group 0+

Group 0 & 0+ Car Seat

Group 0 & 0+ car seats are designed for newborns to babies aged 12-15 months respectively. Or in weight, 0 - 13kg (29 lbs).

What are group 0 and 0+ car seats?

You need one of these tiny, comfy, rear-facing car seats for your baby’s first all-exciting journey home – in fact you’re not allowed to leave the hospital without one.
Small, portable and cosy, they offer good protection for a tiny baby and must be used every time you go out in the car.
They’re designed for a newborn and will still fit your baby until they’re 11 months or so and in the case of 0+ car seats until they're around 12-15 months.
There are two ways to fit a car seat into your car – with a seatbelt, or with a separate base (the safer option).

Which group 0 and 0+ car seat is right for you?

Here are some of the main features to consider:

  • good side impact protection
  • a comfortable, easy to carry handle
  • several recline positions for naps
  • cosy head hugging padding
  • 5-point harness holds your little one securely in place, is easily adjustable and accessible from the front
  • a rocking base is great for getting your little one off to sleep at home
  • lightweight design
  • a smooth underside that sits firmly on your car seat without damaging it
  • easy-to-access belt books or ISOFIX fitting with indicators to tell you’ve got it right
  • a well-padded chest and crotch area for a snugly fit

How much will a group 0 or 0+ car seat cost?

Prices start around £30 and move into the high hundreds.

Top tips for buying a group 0 or 0+ car seat

Remember, you don’t have to buy all of your products from one brand. Some car seats can be clicked into various pushchair bases to form a travel system, so it’s worth thinking which pushchair you want before snapping up a car seat. Just check with manufacturers, or ask in-store.
Safety tip! It’s dangerous to place a rear-facing infant carrier on a front passenger seat fitted with an active airbag.

Ready to buy?

Take a look at some of the popular Group 0 and Group 0+ Car seats below.

Joie Juva 0+

Joie Juva 0+

RRP: £50 - Buy now

One of the lightest weight Group 0+ car seats with side impact protection that gives optimal security against side impact.

  • This car seat includes side impact protection.
  • It has a 5-point harness.
  • One-pull adjustable harness.
  • Multi-position, ergonomic carry handle.
  • Removable newborn infant insert pillow.
  • Removable shoulder harness and lower buckle covers.
  • Removable and machine washable fabrics.

Age: 0-15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 2.9kg
Dimensions: L65 x W41.5 x H55.5cm

Why we love the Joie Juva 0+ ....

  • This car seat is designed for ultimate comfort and complete protection for your baby while in the car.
  • We adore the extra side impact protection this car seat offers.
  • Everything about this car seat says safety with its 5-point harness and one-pull adjustable harness to ensure baby is completely secure.
  • Its lightweight design is probably our favourite bit as it’s easy to carry, even with baby in.
  • Loving the removable and machine washable fabrics, very handy.
  • The removable newborn infant insert pillows and removable shoulder harness and lower buckle covers make this seat a long term investment.

Joie Gemm

Joie Gemm 0+

RRP: £80 - Buy now

Designed and engineered to keep your baby cosy and safe from birth to 13kgs with wrap-around side impact protection coverage for head and body.

  • Group 0+ infant car seat, suitable rearward facing from birth to 13kg.
  • 5-point harness.
  • One-pull adjustable harness.
  • Multi-position, ergonomic carry handle with soft grip section.
  • Removable full body newborn pillow.
  • Removable shoulder harness and lower buckle covers.

Age: 0-15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 4kg
Dimensions: L65 x W43.5 x H57cm

Why we love the Gemm 0+ ....

  • This car seat is designed for ultimate comfort and complete protection for your baby while in the car.
  • We adore the great design of this car seat and its smart look.
  • Everything about this car seat says safety with its 5-point harness to ensure baby is completely secure.
  • The handle is probably our favourite bit: it has multiple positions for easier carrying and has a soft grip section to make it comfortable when carrying it.
  • Loving the one-pull adjustable harness to make strapping baby in as easy as possible.
  • The removable shoulder harness and lower buckle covers give your baby extra comfort, while always being safe, as they grow.

Recaro Young Profi Plus

RRP: £115 - Buy now

Recaro puts huge emphasis on safety, and this multi award-winning seat offers maximum protection and comfort for your baby plus peace of mind for you.

  • 5-way adjustable backrest so it grows with your child
  • Dual side-impact protection
  • Additional seat reducer giving best possible head protection
  • Extra high side bolsters for maximum safety
  • Comfortable upholstery
  • Removable insert for smaller babies

Age: 0-15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 4.4kg
Dimensions: H60cm x W45cm x D65cm
Fitting: Recaro Isofix base or seatbelt

Why we love the Recaro Young Profi Plus ....

  • We love all those extra safety features, particularly the high side wings.
  • Somehow your baby never looks ‘squished’ in this seat, as they do in some other 0+ seats – there’s plenty of room to breathe yet the baby is snugly secure, too.
  • This seat lasts longer than many 0+ ones as it ‘grows’ because of the adjustable backrest positions.
  • This is mainly a seat for those who intend to keep it in the car rather than use a travel system. But it is compatible with the brilliant Maclaren Techno XLR: definitely a combo worth thinking about (you’ll need adapters).

Graco Junior Baby

RRP: £82.99 - Buy now

An award-winning car seat that’s good value and can be combined with any Graco pushchair to create a travel system.

  • Side impact protection
  • One-click system to fit the seat to the base and to all Graco pushchairs
  • 3-point safety harness which has 2 positions
  • Multi-position handle
  • Reclining/fit indicator

Age: 0-15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 4.4 kg
Dimensions: H46cm x W66cm x D44cm
Fitting: Non-Isofix base (buy separately) or seatbelt

Why we love the Graco Junior Baby ....

  • In the wildly expensive world of car seats, this almost counts as a bargain – definitely a good choice for the budget-conscious.
  • You know how you constantly worry that you’ve not secured the seat in the car properly, especially in those first few fraught months? This one has a unique indicator which shows a bright orange strip if it’s reclining too much. Brilliant idea.
  • It’s got a great, roomy feel – a good option for bonnier babies!

Britax Baby-Safe

RRP: £99.99 - Buy now

A well-made, robust and safe seat that scores very highly in European safety tests, yet isn’t too expensive.

  • 5-point height adjustable safety harness with one-pull adjustment
  • Padded head support with integral cushion for baby’s comfort
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Compatible with Britax pushchairs with Click & Go
  • Wings provide side impact protection

Age: 0-12/15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 3.6kg
Dimensions: H58cm x W44cm x D69cm
Fitting: Baby-Safe Belted Base or Isofix base or seatbelt

Why we love the Britax Baby-Safe...

  • There’s padding everywhere on this seat - headrest, side wings, even chest pads - which makes it supremely comfortable for your baby. It even has a cushion allowing a newborn to sleep in a more natural position.
  • It’s got a great quality, solid feel yet it’s one of the lightest; you really feel you can trust this seat.
  • The curved base makes a great rocker for those days when nothing seems to go right.
  • Mums of small babies really love this seat because of all that padding and the cushion that raises the baby up. Watch out if your car seats have a big ‘lip’ on them: you may find this seat sits in quite an upright position when using the base.

Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix

RRP: £135 - Buy now

A really popular car seat that’s sturdy yet lightweight, offering a really comfortable ride even for young babies.

  • Side protection system
  • Extra comfortable head support; also newborn support pillow, and chest and buckle pad
  • Click and go installation
  • Compatible with any Maxi-Cosi or Quinny buggy
  • 3-point harness with one-pull adjustment

Age: 0-15 months/ 0-13kg
Product weight: 3.6kg
Dimensions: H39cm x W45cm x D71.5cm
Fitting: Isofix base or EasyFix base2 (buy separately) or seatbelt

Why we love the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix ....

  • Mums with car-hating babies often point out that this is the only car seat they will actually sleep in – and that has to be a good recommendation.
  • We’re loving the huge range of colours that really cheer you up – denim with hearts, anyone?
  • This is a really stylish seat (though you can’t machine-wash the cover), and with adaptors it can fit into quite a few buggies to create a travel system.
  • You can add in some useful accessories- like the foot muff, mosquito net and rain cover.
  •  It feels solid, yet it’s lighter than many 0+ seats – something to be grateful for when they’re 12 months old and getting heavy!

Silver Cross Simplicity

RRP: £150 - Buy now

This innovative and stylish seat has won a clutch of awards in the past two years, and is a good-looking but practical choice.

  • Optimum side impact protection
  • Comes with removable foot cover and hood
  • Adjustable head support and 5-point harness
  • Newborn comfort wedge for optimum fit and comfort
  • Combines with Silver Cross prams to create a travel system

Age: 0-15 months or 0-13kg
Product weight: 4kg
Dimensions: H40cm x W44cm x D67cm
Fitting: Simplifix Isofix base (buy separately) or seatbelt

Why we love the Silver Cross Simplicity ....

  • We’re totally in love with the foot covers (Silver Cross call them aprons) that provide a little pop of colour – such funky colours to choose from, and you can match it to your pushchair.
  • The colour-coded system that shows if the seat is properly fitted is a godsend – and while the blue seatbelt guides might not be very pretty, it does mean there’s no chance of mistakes when putting it into the car.
  • Unlike some 0+ seats, it’s really easy to adjust the harness and head support once your baby grows – no swearing!
  • This seat feels really solid (it should be as it’s quite heavy at 4kg) and safe for baby.

Cybex Aton Q Baby car seat

RRP: £175 - Buy now

A reassuringly solid seat that performs brilliantly in safety tests, looks stylish and comes in a huge range of colours.

  • Excellent side impact protection in European tests; unique telescopic side protector
  • Headrest adjusts so a baby’s sitting angle automatically changes as they grow
  • Headrest has eight positions; 3-point harness length adjusts  automatically
  • Fold-away large sun canopy with SPF 50
  • Compatible with Cybex pushchairs plus Bugaboo, iCandy and Baby Jogger and Mothercare Orb
  • 17 colours in two fabrics (removable and washable)

Age: 0-15 months or 0-13kg
Product weight: 4.8kg
Dimensions: H56cm x W44cm x D64cm
Fitting: Isofix base (buy separately) or seatbelt

Why we love the Cybex Aton Q Baby car seat ....

  • OK, it’s expensive, but when you see how comfortable even a newborn baby looks, you may well be won over. The way it’s constructed means tiny babies can lie virtually flat.
  • Our favourite feature is probably the way the harness adjusts automatically when you move the headrest – no more shouting and cursing trying to remember how to rethread the fiddly straps because you’ve lost the instructions...
  • Why can’t all car seats have a properly huge sun canopy that folds away so cleverly into a colour-co-ordinated visor?
  • Yes, it’s bulkier and heavier than many seats but its excellent performance in all the safety tests speaks volumes.
  • The sleek, smooth pod-like shape is so beautiful, and we love the colours.

Cosatto Hold

RRP: £125-£145 - Buy now

Solid, reliable and nicely designed car seat that comes in a dizzying array of amazing colours and prints.

  • 5-point harness with quick release buckle
  • Head hugger, tummy and chest pads included
  • Quick release when used with a base
  • Compatible with Cosatto buggy chassis
  • Side impact protection

Age: 0-15 months or 0-13kg
Product weight: 3.9kg
Dimensions: H59cm x W43cm x D69cm
Fitting: Isofix base or Hold base (buy separately) or seatbelt

Why we love the Cybex Aton Q Baby car seat ....

  • We’re loving the quirky prints and playful designs, especially the mid Century-inspired ones. This is a car seat that will make you smile (and you can’t say that very often).
  • Comes with plenty of padding for baby’s comfort, which makes it very warm on cold days, and there’s a rain cover, too.
  • It’s lighter and less bulky than some seats, yet still feels reassuringly solid.

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