FAQs on travelling with a baby

Common questions parents need to know when travelling with little ones

The information you need on travelling with baby

From passports to jabs, the lowdown on travelling with baby

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If you are planning on travelling with little ones for the first time, your head may be full of questions. Here’s our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about travelling with a baby in tow.

How young can my baby fly?

It depends on the airline, but some will let babies as young as 48 hours old fly. However, you will need permission from your GP, but with no passport you can only fly within the UK at this point. Always do check with your airline before you travel.

Does my baby need a passport?

Even a newborn, if travelling to outside of the UK, will need a valid passport. You will need to contact the UK passport service, and fill in an application form as well as two identical passport- sized photos of your baby and an original document, such as his birth certificate, to prove British citizenship. The passport will cost £40 and will last your child for five years.

Would my baby need immunisations?

It’s important to ensure your baby’s vaccinations are up to date before you go. The NHS website will give you all this information but check your holiday destination as in some cases they may need a jab. Discuss where you are going and what jabs are required with your GP and they can advise you on whether your baby is old enough to have them.

Will my baby have their own seat on the plane?

Usually babies under 2 years fly for free, either on your lap or in special bassinettes. Again, different airlines can vary on their policies so do check when you book your flight.

Can I take milk for my baby in my hand luggage?

Yes you can but the maximum liquid amount of 100ml applies but you can only take on enough for your journey.

What about flights and buggies?

You can take your buggy to the gate when boarding the plane where it’s then checked into the hold like other luggage. It’s a good idea to check with your airline to see if they charge for this option.

If we hire a car will we have a car seat?

It will cost you extra, but most car hire companies can provide a car seat, but if you’re hiring a car abroad check exactly what you are getting. It may be tempting to take your own but again this can cost you with airlines and is a bulky addition to your luggage.

FAQs on travelling with a baby