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12% of parents have no life insurance

All parents want to protect their children at all costs, but have you protected them financially

Do you have life insurance to protect your children?

Tough as it is to think about, it is important to ensure your family is financially protected with life insurance.

More than 12% of UK parents have no life insurance to protect their family.

Since launching in 2015, Polly has helped over 50,000 UK mums towards protecting their family with affordable life insurance.

Find the right protection, for free

Protect your family today in three easy steps. The Polly service is completely free of charge and you'll have your quotes in a matter of minutes.

A few simple questions is all it takes. One simple form and no confusing financial jargon, with real, friendly people help you choose the right cover for your family and Polly handle all the tricky stuff to get your application processed as quickly as possible.

Polly provides a safe place for parents to get quotes from vetted, FCA authorised brokers and insurers. For more information on how to start the process of getting your life insurance sorted, visit the Polly website. 

* By clicking this link you will be redirected from the Bounty app to Polly’s website. Any data you provide will be provided directly to Polly and will be processed in accordance with Polly’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please visit their website for more information.

12% of parents have no life insurance